Innovation Culture - What we do.

We are a team of consultants who collaborate with senior leaders in decision quality. We focus on strategy, change and innovation management and creativity with global and local organisations.

Innovation Culture utilises a range of internationally recognised tools and processes to optimise high commitment transformation, assisting people to solve problems and activate innovation.

We tailor a kaleidoscope of innovation, change and leadership programs with the capacity to facilitate whole company workshops or collaborate across industry sectors.

A point of difference underpinning our consulting is evidence based strategies for dealing with ambiguity, promoting adaptive and flexible leadership and quality decisions. Leaders gain insight in how to “frame” issues and expertise in dealing with dynamic or emerging initiatives.

Employees are the heart of


We develop collaboration between leaders and their employees to grow solution-focused leadership capability to execute change.

Innovation Coaching is provided to support and energise the implementation of change. We facilitate the execution of ideas and innovation by providing facilitation, coaching, and mentoring or “Action Learning” groups to develop reflective learning and exchange collective wisdom and build the internal capability.

Research contributes to our evidence based consulting practice and we measure organisations current level of innovation through online research tools which measure the propensity innovation and collaboration.

Dianna is the Director of Innovation Culture and co-Principal for the Centre of Innovation in Decision Quality. Projects undertaken by both Innovation Culture and the CIDQ encompass consulting and research designed to enhance executive decision quality and to build capability with regard to innovation and high performance innovative cultures.

Dianna consults with senior leadership teams to create high performance, strategic and innovative cultures facing turbulent business challenges. Dianna’s local and international experience in the field of OD design, cascading strategic initiatives and innovation extends over 30 years. Dianna develops and challenges leaders’ mindsets and is passionate about innovation and cultural transformation resulting in both personal and corporate transformation.