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Posted on 23 October 2012


Considering the level of innovation is expected to rise in Australia and the world in the coming years, it is worth rethinking issues around successful implementation. Research has pointed to 70% of change efforts fail to achieve their intended outcome (Beer & Kotter). Without improvements to both the understanding of the people in designing change management and innovation management, we may miss our intended outcomes.

Carnall (2007) writes: “... ideas linking strategic management and change management. Thus if strategic management comprises means of identifying vision, strategy, business model and strategic implementation, change management deals with behaviour, structures and configurations, delivery and so on. Both are conceptually underpinned by ideas such as creativity, adaptability and innovation; albeit the nexus of strategic management is to look at environmental uncertainty regarding markets, competitors, technology and the like, while the nexus of change management is in the field of measurement, efficiency and effectiveness”.

Let’s seek clarification on what we want as the desired end result.

People are at the heart of change. Let’s build capacity at all levels of the organisation. We can focus on exploiting and exploring the resources and drive the importance of value adding in the activity of change.


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